How Much Does IVF Cost?

Initial Consultation and Diagnosis

First meeting and tests to plan fertility treatment.

Medication Costs

Financial aspect of essential fertility medications for the treatment process.

Monitoring and Laboratory Fees

Costs associated with monitoring and essential lab services during treatment.

Egg Retrieval

Gentle procedure to collect eggs for IVF treatment.


Uniting eggs and sperm for embryo creation during IVF process.

Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

Genetic screening before embryo implantation.

Egg or Sperm Donor

Use of donated eggs or sperm for fertility treatment.

Embryo Transfer

Implanting embryos for potential pregnancy during IVF treatment.

Additional Procedures

Supplementary steps to enhance IVF success rates.


Freezing and storing embryos for future use.

The aspiration to become parents and start a family.