How IVF Is Performed

Preparing For IVF

 consultations, assessments, and hormonal preparation for IVF procedure.

Ovulation   Induction

Stimulating ovaries with hormones to produce multiple mature eggs.

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Egg Retrieval

Gentle surgery to collect mature eggs for the IVF process.

Semen Collection

Collecting semen sample for fertilization in IVF treatment process.


Fusing egg and sperm outside the body for IVF.

Embryo Cultivation

Monitoring and nurturing embryos for their development after fertilization.

Embryo Transfer

Gently placing selected embryos into the uterus for IVF success.

Pregnancy Test

Around two weeks post-transfer, a pregnancy test confirms success.

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Pregnancy Test

IVF has  provided a ray of hope for couples struggling with infertility.